RSVP Bay Area has been helping businesses reach affluent homeowners in the Bay Area for over 20 years with our full color, upscale, picture postcards that go to the wealthiest top 20% of homeowners.

Rather than using saturation to mail to every home, we refine our mailing lists so that you don’t waste your advertising dollars by targeting those with the highest propensity to buy your products.

In 2011, we launched a new product called “Home and Lifestyle Magazine”. In keeping with our philosophy of reaching the right homeowners, we wanted to give our advertisers the ability to drive their branding through more frequent repetition of their own upscale brands so that when a homeowner is ready to buy, they choose you rather than your competition.

Unlike other publications, we will never over-saturate a business category in either our magazine or our postcard deck. As part of our commitment to your business, we specifically limit each category to a maximum of three advertisers, and in some cases, we will offer exclusivity for the right business.

RSVP Bay Area is owned by Eric Meyers. A 20 year sales, marketing, and business development veteran whose passion is small business. My goal is to help your business grow with the right strategies. Whether we are in a bull or bear market, choosing the right advertising is crucial to your bottom line. I will work with you to build the right strategy for your brand and deliver high quality and profitable leads- both online and offline.